How Well Do You Know Your New Car?
Finding your dream car is awesome. However, nothing sucks the joy out of buying a car faster than finding out you're suddenly on the hook for a suite of expensive repairs. 
That's where we come in.
A pre-purchase inspection is a must for any car buyer, especially if you're shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. Simply schedule an appointment with Bighorn Automotive before you sign for your new vehicle, and we'll give it a thorough examination! From the moment we pop it onto the hydraulic lift, we'll be scanning it for any signs of wear, damage, and disrepair. 
If your new vehicle has a leaky brake system or a faulty air conditioner, then you'll definitely want to know about that BEFORE you write the check! 
What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today! 


Bighorn Automotive is a full service automotive shop. We specialize in everything from daily drivers, to muscle cars, to off-road behemoths, and everything in between! Our Master Tech has over 35-years experience working on cars. Our staff of ASE Certified Technicians provide fast and friendly service to ensure that your vehicle is always ready when promised.


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