Staying Aligned Is Always a Good Idea! 
At Bighorn Automotive, we know a thing or two about alignment. While we can't promise to align your chakras, we can certainly make sure your wheels are properly configured! 
Like many other parts of car ownership, it can be difficult to appreciate the difference wheel alignment makes until after something goes wrong. As you drive, the stress of the road can begin to nudge your car's tires and axis slightly off alignment, and these mismatches can add up to bigger problems further down the road. 
If your car's alignment is off, then your wheels won't be connecting evenly with the ground. This means steering will naturally start to drift, and you may even feel your vehicle pull in one direction if left unchecked. An uneven alignment also means your tires wear down unevenly, which significantly increases the odds of a blow-out or flat. 
Thankfully, your alignment is easy to take care of. In fact, all you have to do is click the button below! 
If your vehicle has been drifting toward one direction while driving--or if you've been feeling vibrations in your steering wheel--then schedule an appointment with us today! 


Bighorn Automotive is a full service automotive shop. We specialize in everything from daily drivers, to muscle cars, to off-road behemoths, and everything in between! Our Master Tech has over 35-years experience working on cars. Our staff of ASE Certified Technicians provide fast and friendly service to ensure that your vehicle is always ready when promised.


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