Find Your Comfort in Community.

Here at The Collective, we know how tough grief can be. For better or for worse, many people have been  affected by this. That doesn't mean you have to worry! In fact, grief counseling groups can provide a sense of camaraderie that is especially important in difficult times. We always want you to remember that you are not alone!


Validation is huge, and we all want it. Grief counseling groups can help you to realize that you are not grieving incorrectly. Many people may feel frustrated or upset about how exactly they are handling loss, but you are valid. We may all grieve differently, but it is a universal experience. 


Group counseling forces healthy social interaction. It can be easy to isolate during times of grieving, but you will need a community around you. It can also bring a sense of hope to see others who have made progress in dealing with their grief.


New coping mechanisms can also be learned through group grief counseling. It can be helpful to see first-hand which methods have helped other people. We are constantly learning and growing, and one of the best ways to do so is through those around us. 


Grief is painful, but we can find solace in the fact that we don't have to go through it alone. Group grief counseling is a highly beneficial way of healing. If you are interested in group therapy, visit us at The Collective. We are here for you!



At The Collective, we understand that life is hard and we all need a little support from time to time. We strive to provide holistic behavioral healthcare to adults and young professionals that addresses all components of wellness so that we can help you live your best life. Our passionate and knowledgeable team of counselors, therapists and psychiatrists will provide you with a supportive partnership to reach your goals and redefine your health. Our diverse offerings include individual and group therapy and counseling, psychiatry and medication management, health coaching, nutrition consulting and psychological testing. ‚Äč We are contracted with major insurance plans and many copays start at $20 per appointment. Call us now to see if we are in-network with your carrier and to learn more about your benefits!

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