Winter Is Upon Us
As winter arrives, you'll want to be sure to prepare your RV for the conditions. Here's how!
One of the most important parts of winterizing your RV is preventing the water lines from freezing. You can do this by adding antifreeze. If your RV does not have a hot water bypass kit, we recommend having one installed before going in with the antifreeze. 
Be proactive about pest prevention! In order to keep unwanted critters away, remove all food from the vehicle. You can then spray anti-rodent foam insulation into any cracks, on both the exterior and interior of the RV. Ant and roach traps can be useful as well.
Tire care is very important! Prepare your tires by parking on concrete and setting the parking brake and wheel chocks. The leveling jacks will also help stop flat spots from appearing on your tires. Remember to also cover your tires for the winter!
These are just a few things to keep in mind for the winter season. The good news is, we can help with the winterization process! Visit us at Transwest RV for winterization services.
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